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About Pixel Planet

Pixel Planet is a dynamic design and web development agency based in Boston, MA. With a decade of experience under our belts in design and web development, we're confident we can give your online presence the boost it deserves! We aren't just here to build websites. We believe that in an age where technology is becoming more prominent, there needs to be something that bridges the gap between the real world and the digital world. That something is Pixel Planet!

So, why should you choose to team up with us? Because we're not just after a project - we're after creating meaningful connections between you and your audience. Your challenges are our challenges, and we're stoked to work together in finding the perfect solution for you!

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with Pixel Planet? We can't wait to meet you and dive into making your digital dreams a reality. Let's conquer the pixelated world together! 🚀💻



Why Work With Us? We Humanize Tech.

We break down our process and technical expertise into language anyone can understand. We bring transparency and understanding to our web development process so you feel confident in working with us. We follow best practices and utilize human centered design to ensure effective solutions.

Pixels for the People

Technology should be a tool not a tyrant. We tame technology and work with you to create tailored digital solutions for your business challenges.

Defy Dystopia

We believe in creating work that challenges us to be our best and to cater to our better human nature. We resist using Deceptive or Dark Patterns in our work. Effective web design and development renders them unnecessary.

Unify Understanding

We build technical solutions to connect people to each other in a digital world. We believe that creating understanding is what unifies people across the pixels of their screens and across the world.


Law of Equality

We are partners, not workers or tyrants. Collaboration is key.

Law of People

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

Law of Transparency

Always speak the truth, even if it leads to a loss.

Law of Innovation

Leap into the unknown where innovation lives.

Stellar Approval

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