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Mei Mei Dumplings

Client Summary

Mei Mei is a local women owned and operated dumpling paradise in Boston. They not only provide delicious dumplings to locals, but also at farmers markets across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They offer dumpling making and other cooking courses both virtually and in person as well.

Features & Tech

  • Customized HTML, CSS, JS
  • Updated CMS Version Setup and Deployment
  • Content/Data Migration to Updated CMS
  • Implement Content and Design Changes
  • Update Shop Features
  • Delivered in Two Weeks

The Challenge

Mei Mei needed to migrate their site to a new version due to a forced CMS update. They reached out to us to see if we could migrate their content and make site adjustments in their two week timeline.

Our Process

In order to accurately and safely migrate the site content, we conducted a site audit as part of our discovery process. We then began systematically updating page by page until the entire site was on the updated CMS. After completing the migration, we then checked in with our client to establish what site adjustments were needed.


We were able to accurately complete the site migration and adjustments according to our client's two week time frame. The client is now able to make any necessary updates/changes to their site on their new updated CMS platform.

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